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Get fully licensed and permitted to grow marijuana legally in every legal state. Our Associates will assist with the drafting, filing and getting approval on all required licenses, permits, incorporations and everything else required by law to start a legally compliant marijuana growing business.

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  • Business Incorporation
    Non-Profit or LLC, EIN/Tax ID, etc. Details
  • State & City Laws
    Up-To-Date State and City Laws, Zoning Ordinances, Possession Limits, etc. Details
  • Licensing & Permitting
    State & City Business Licenses, Patient & Caregiver Cards, Zoning Permits, etc. Details
  • Required Business Documents
    Business Plan, Corporate Bylaws, Banking Resolutions, etc. Details
  • Operations Forms & Procedures
    How to Acquire & Sell Product, Payment Processing, Open Bank Accounts, Inventory Control, etc. Details
  • Location Documents & Procedures
    Ensure your location is viable and in legal compliance with city, county and state regulations.Details
  • Customer Forms & Procedures
    Verification, Tracking, Collective Agreements, Possession Limits, etc. Details
  • Employee Forms & Procedures
    Payroll, New Employee Applications, Background Checks, etc. Details
  • Record Keeping
    Customer, Provider and all other required recording keeping procedures, etc. Details
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    The commonly asked questions about opening and running a delivery service.Details
  • Emergency Support
    Our extensive network of lawyers and organizations is always on your side.Details
  • Dedicated Associate available 24/7
    Ask and receive answers to any and all questions.Details
  • Total Compliance
    Your Dedicated Associate crosses all the t's and dots the i's.Details
  • Documents submission & fields calls
    Your Dedicated Associate will help you with everything.Details
  • Priority Rush Service
    10 business days vs. 25 for Silver PackageDetails


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Our staff of professionals will research & draft all the necessary documents for your licenses & permits.


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Our professionals will research, draft & get approval on all your licenses & permits and answer all calls and questions from officials.

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Have other questions? Check out our extenstive Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Business Incorporation
(Silver, Gold)

Per most state's laws, in order to run a legal marijuana delivery service, you must be incorporated. Often, that means incorporating as an LLC or Non-Profit corporation. Your Dedicated Associate will determine if it's required, as well as the best company name (it matters, a lot) and help draft the Articles of Organization (including partners in the company, if any) for whatever entity the state requires. They'll also draft IRS Form SS-4 and help you obtain an Employer ID Number (EIN).

Note: You will be need to pay your state's standard incorporation fee when submitting your documents. (Usually a hundred dollars.)

Don't need our help or want to do everything yourself?
See our Grow Marijuana Legally DIY Package.

State & City Laws
(Silver, Gold)

Your Associate will acquire and translate the confusing jargon for your City, County and State laws into plain and simple English, making it easy to understand exactly what you need to know and do to be in legal compliance with all the laws regarding your marijuana business. 

Licensing & Permitting
(Silver, Gold)

In order to legally run your business, you’ll need to get licensed on a few levels. Your Associate will contact all state, county and city agencies, acquire the applications and coordinate the submission (Gold only) of the paperwork for State, County and City Business Licenses, Patient & Caregiver Cards (if required), Zoning Permits, and any other licenses or permits required by your city, county and state.

Business Documents
(Silver, Gold)


When applying for licenses & permits as well as bank, credit and all other types of business accounts, a Business Plan, Corporate Bylaws, Banking Resolutions, and other business documents may be required. Your Associate will help draft and coordinate (Gold only) the filing of  these documents for you. You will receive copies of the completed documents in Microsoft Word and PDF formats at the end of the process as part of our Business Packet (included in both packages)

Operations Forms & Procedures
(Silver, Gold)

Your Associate will draft custom forms and procedures for running your business to the letter of the law. They will cover areas like: how to manage your inventory, deal with dispensaries and everything else you’ll need to know and do to be complaint with regulations. These will be included in our Business Packet that will be sent to you at the end of our process of getting you fully licensed and permitted to have your business.

Location Documents & Procedures
(Silver, Gold)

Your Associate will ask you to provide them with cities of preference in descending order for where you want your business to be located. They will then ensure your location is compliant with State, County and City laws and then help draft and coordinate (Gold Only) the submission of procedures and documents and anything else required by your state and city to be fully licensed for this area. 


Customer Forms & Procedures
(Silver, Gold)

As part of our custom-drafted Business Packet that you'll receive at the end of the process, your Associate will show you how to deal with customers from start to finish. They'll covers how to track and verify patients/customers, control possession limits as dictated by state and city laws as well as provide our awesome plug-and-play Microsoft Word documents that may be required, including: Collective Agreements, Customer Check-in forms and any other required documents. 

Employee Forms & Procedures
(Silver, Gold)

Your Associate will draft fully-customized documents and procedures you should have all employees fill out and follow. This will include New Employee Applications, payroll services to use, how to do background checks and ensure that they’re legally allowed to work for you and everything else required. Keep in mind that one bad employee can get your business shut down. So don’t take this lightly. This will be included in the Business Packet delivered to you at the end of the process.


Record Keeping Procedures
(Silver, Gold)


To run a legally complaint business, you’re going to have to keep good records for every aspect of your business. Your Associate will show you how to keep the best, most detailed records in case you're ever audited. This is part of the Business Packet.


Frequently Asked Questions
(Silver, Gold)


Part of the custom-tailored Business Packet will include the most commonly asked questions for how to run your business to the exact letter of the law, written in plain, simple English by your Dedicated Associate. Examples: Can I make a profit as a Non-Profit? Can I supply unlimited customers? Can I sell directly to customers? Etc.


Emergency Support
(Silver, Gold)


If you’re served any documents or papers threatening your business at any point in time, your Dedicated Associate will immediately activate our network of local lawyers and organizations to ensure you’re completely protected and safe. 


Dedicated Associate available 24/7
(Silver, Gold)

Our Dedicated Associates are the absolute best in the business. They have years of experience working ONLY in the marijuana industry, so they know it backwards and forwards. With that amount of experience, there's no surprises. They can handle any situation. And these people are available to you during the whole startup process to answer any questions or concerns you have during the legal paperwork process. No question is too big or small. They will be available to you via direct email. The reason is because communication must be straightforward and black & white between you and your Associate. One mistake of you hearing a plant limit incorrectly while on the phone could result in fines, arrest or having your business shut down. With stakes that high, we leave nothing to chance and make your safety and security our highest priority.


Ensure Compliance
(Silver, Gold)

Your Dedicated Associate will contact all State, County and City agencies and ensure your documents and procedures are in full and complete legal compliance with the most up-to-date regulations and then draft them based on these conversations with officials. We find, often, that even their own websites contain out-dated information. It’s up to you (or us) to ensure you’re adhering to the most current regulations so your licenses and documents get approved and you get to open your business quickly while being totally legally compliant.


Dedicated Associate Fields Questions

Not only will your Dedicated Associate research, draft and help with the submission of all required documents and applications mentioned in the previous sections, but they'll also field all calls and questions from the various agencies during the startup process. The various officials and departments are going to ask any and all questions until they're satisfied that this is a legitimate business. Your Dedicated Associate has seen and done it all in this business, so they can field these calls and questions with ease. There's a reason 9 out of 10 Silver Package customers upgrade to Gold during this time. If you can't answer the questions correctly and off the top of your head, your documents may be rejected.  

Have the peace of mind knowing your Associate can handle all this for you. Don’t get so far down the path of starting your business to be rejected because you answered one question incorrectly. It happens all the time.

Priority Rush

Your package is marked for immediate rush service. Typically, our turnaround time is 25 business days for our Silver Package, but your Associate will do it in less than 10 business days as a Gold customer.*

*This does not mean the approval process will be rushed by the city or state, they have standard times, typically 2-8 weeks to verify and approve applications.

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